Financial Support

Weekly Offering for Parish Support

There are two ways you can support your parish. Please read the following and decide which method is preferable for you.

Parish Envelope System

If you use this method of support a packet of envelopes will be delivered by mail to your home each month. Each packet will contain envelopes for each weekend’s contributions for that month. You can either drop your weekly contribution envelopes in the basket or mail your envelope to the Parish.

Just fill out the form below and drop the form in the weekly collection basket or mail the form to your Parish Office.  If you need more information, please call (617) 666-2087 and ask for Mr. Peter Regan.  The mailing addresses for all three parishes can be found on the Staff page or in the Weekly Bulletin.

Envelope Form

Parish Pay System

Parish Pay is an electronic system that automatically transfers funds from your bank account and ensures that your weekly contributions for both the regular collections and the special collections are paid to the Parish on time. If you find that due to bad weather, long vacations or poor health you are not always able to get to weekly Mass this method may be the easier way for you to make your weekly contributions.

If you are interested in making your contributions in this way (instead of using the Parish Envelope System), please use the link/s below. Read the instructions carefully.  If you need more information, contact the parish office at (617) 666-2087 and speak to Mr. Peter Regan. You can also go to Contact Us and send an email.

St. Joseph's Parish Pay

St. Catherine of Genoa Parish Pay

St. Ann's Parish Pay

Memorial Gifts

Did you know there are two ways to remember your deceased loved ones throughout the year? Many people like to have a Mass offered to remember a deceased loved one on that person’s birthday, anniversary of death or other special day. The offering for such a Mass is a $10.00 suggested donation and you simply need to contact your parish office to schedule the Mass.

A more significant way to remember a deceased loved one is through a memorial contribution. Like Mass offerings, memorial contributions can be made for any special occasion. They are also a great idea at the time of death. You simply need to state in the obituary, “Memorial contributions to (insert the name of your home parish) appreciated.” The benefits of a memorial contribution include:

  • The gift may be as large or as small as a donor wants it to be.
  • While Mass offerings can only be used to cover the actual cost of the Mass, memorial contributions can be used for any of the many operating needs of the parish including scholarship assistance for school children, maintenance, restoration and upgrading of our facilities or support of our many ministries.
  • For large memorial gifts the parish can work with you to determine a way to use the gift that would be most appropriate to the interests and preferences of the individual who is being memorialized through the gift.

Please contact our Tri-Parish Business Manager for more information. Mr. Peter Regan, (617) 666-2087                          

Mr. Regan can also provide information on Bequests. Gifts that you may want to leave to your parish in your Will.

Joseph’s Gate

Joseph’s Gate is a small Religious Gift Shop located in The Patronage of St. Joseph’s lower church.  

Reasonably priced cards, books, statues, rosaries and special occasion items (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage) are available.  There’s much more so drop in and take a look.

Hours of operation:

          Monday and Friday: 12 Noon – 1 PM
          Saturday:  3:30 – 5 PM
          Sunday: 8:30 AM – 12 Noon

1000 Club

This is a monthly fundraiser for St. Catherine of Genoa Parish. Monthly drawing with many cash prizes awarded. If you would like more information please contact Ms. Joanne Burns at (617) 666-2087.

Annual membership is $50.00.  Additional numbers may be purchased monthly.

St. Catherine of Genoa Elementary School

If you would like to donate school supplies or a monetary gift to the school, please contact Ms. Marion Burns, Principal, (617) 666-9116.

Parish Financial Reports

If you would like to donate school supplies or a monetary gift to the school, please contact Ms. Marion Burns, Principal, (617) 666-9116.