Dear Parishioners and Parents, 

Here at Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin Parish we are blessed with three beautiful churches. For First Communion(s) this year we will have 5 separate First Communion Liturgies at the 3 churches throughout the month of May.

The first Liturgy is May 2 at 9am for the students of St. Theresa School. 

The second Liturgy is May 16 at 9am at St. Catherine of Genoa Church.

The third Liturgy is May 16 at 11:30am at St. Joseph Church.

The fourth Liturgy is May 23 at 10:15am at St. Ann Church.

The fifth Liturgy is May 30 at 12pm at St. Ann for the Haitian Creole community. 

The capacity limit for Houses of Worship in the City of Somerville is 50%.

We anticipate very high attendance for the 16th 9am Mass at St. Catherine of Genoa Church.

I want to let everyone know that preference will be given to the IMMEDIATE Families and their household of each First Communion Student. That means that each students' parents, siblings, and anyone who lives with them. Because we are still in a State of Emergency because of the Pandemic we are limited to how many people can be in the Church at any given time. Our CURRENT CAPACITY HAS INCREASED TO 50%!!

We thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding in these difficult times that we have to limit those who will attend the First Communion Masses. If you could, please consider going to another parish Mass on the dates of the First Communions so that the families can be together. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Adam, 617-666-2087 or by email [email protected]