Happy Easter

Jesus is gift to us in the Resurrection. Christ’s glory shows us that we are more than we see ourselves to be or how others see us. We have a depth, purpose and essence that go way beyond the su- perficial treasures of our ex- istence, to the very core of

who we are. Slowly but surely, we are given opportunities by God to be transformed more and more into Christ.

Christ is here. Christ is within us. That means because of the resurrection of Christ, we have the same divine spark that gave Jesus his authority when He was physically with us. Through faith we can see, think, act and be differently. We must choose to act on the power within. We have to decide, by faith, to take the plunge and put flesh on what we proclaim to be true today.

Who are you? God provides each one of us with fresh and new ways to think about ourselves and who we really are. The One who lives in us lives in all of God’s children. That’s our cause for real joy. This is our cause for working tirelessly at promoting the Gospel, working to rid the world of injustice, making sure that everyone has a home and defending the sanctity of human life. Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Please stay safe in God’s Love. May God bless you in Easter Love!


Fr. Brian