Register For Event

We are required by the Somerville Health Department to collect this data. Thank you for registering for the Mass. Pre-registration helps us with contact tracing in case someone becomes ill. We thank you for your patience and for your help in this matter. 

The Haitian Creole Mass has been moved to 12pm to make sure that the Church can be properly cleaned. 

• All those who are in a high risk group (over 65, or with preexisting condi- tions) are dispensed from the Sunday Obligation, as well as anyone who does not feel safe coming to Mass. This dispensation will remain in place for the remainder of the pandemic. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE RETURNING TO CUHRCH, PLEASE STAY SAFE AT HOME

  • If you ARE FEELING ILL, you are not to come to church

  • You MUST wear a mask

  • Pews have been roped off so that appropriate social distance will occur

  • Members of the same family may sit together; all others must sit 6 feet apart

  • We are limited to 50% of our capacity at each church; thankfully, on a good weekend we do not approach that number

  • ALL MASSES will be offered in the UPPER CHURCHES so to provide maximum distance; all windows and doors will remain open

  • We will have someone at the door counting parishioners, once capacity has been reached, no others will be allowed in (350 at St. Joseph, 300 St. Catherine, 225 at St. Ann)

  • Soap and water are available in all the sacristies as well as the bathrooms in each church.

  • We will provide hand sanitizer at the entrance of the church

  • There will be NO Holy Water, NO Misalettes, NO bulletins; all to stop the spread

  • We will try to move Mass along in an expedited fashion

    • There will be NO congregational singing (Peter will sing the Entrance Antiphon, Offertory Antiphon, Communion Anti- phon, and the Mass parts) they believe that singing might help the spread

    • There will be NO sign of peace; NO contact between parishioners; NO Altar Servers

    • Communion will either be ONE PEW at a time with 6 feet between parishioners, the priest will be masked, you will answer “Amen” with the mask on, step to the side lower the mask and consume the Host OR Father will go pew by pew to distribute. We have not decided which will be safer.

    • There will be NO passing of the offertory basket, please place your donation in the basket at the entrance of the church, drop it off at the rectory, mail it in, or give online

    • When leaving Mass, we must do so ONE pew at a time with appropriate social distancing; there will be NO REMAINING in church to talk and catch up. We may decide, as have others, that it is safer to leave after receiving Communion

  • The church will be disinfected after every Mass

  • Please be patient as we navigate this new reality

  • Again, if you feel anxious or uncomfortable, any sign of illness, or are of age and/or have preexisting conditions, please STAY AT HOME; the Lord more than understands your situation and wants you to be safe.